What Is Meant By CRM

Servermulti.com, What Is Meant By CRM – Customer Relationship Management application is a business strategy that is integrated between human processes and technology. CRM itself can help attract sales prospects, convert them into potential repeat customers, and retain existing customers, satisfied and loyal customers to your business.

Purpose of CRM Created

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CRM applications have a positive impact on business development, and have a goal to find out as much as possible about how customers’ needs and behavior are, in order to then provide an optimal service. In addition, CRM can also maintain existing relationships, because the key to success of a business really depends on how far we know about customers in meeting their needs.

It is very difficult for a company to achieve, and sustain leadership and profitability without the ongoing focus that can be placed on CRM. In general, CRM applications can span many areas within an organization, including:

  • Sale
  • Customer service
  • Marketing

CRM Has SaaS-Based Technology

Along with the rapid advancement of IT technology universally. There is a Software As a Service (SaaS) base on cloud, this application can be an advancement, in meeting the needs required by the business community. Where is the current use of the internet into standard consumption among businessmen. This is a condition where you want something fast, easy, and flexible anytime and anywhere.

Sales Force Makes CRM Better

One of them is the sales force, which has a fairly good CRM, because it can answer all these challenges, the SaaS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Application, first introduced by Marc Benioff in February 1999 in the city of Delaware, United States.

The sales force has provided all needs, starting from managing sales and services for business needs. This application is already integrated with the Cloud System, and has various features including:

Sales Cloud

This application is able to maximize sales, and can help you increase revenue, productivity and visibility in the business that is being managed.

Service Cloud

This one service is a transformation of customer service, and can create a good relationship with them.

Marketing Cloud

If you don’t have much time, you can use cloud marketing, because it is designed to monitor, as well as participate in social networks.

Platform and App Exchange

This application is very helpful on social networking that is innovative, mobile and Real-Time on a platform that can be used by more than 100,000 subscribers.


Creating business processes in social terms. Collaborate in Real-Time from anywhere. With applications that are of sufficient quality, as well as user-friendly and website-based, they support the company in increasing Return Of Investment (ROI).


That’s what we can say about what is meant by CRM. Hopefully it can help all of us, especially in developing our current business. Thank you for visiting our website, see you again with other information.